Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn in Greenbelt

Yesterday, Anuenue explored some of the areas around Greenbelt. This is the 75th anniversary of the city, which was built during the New Deal by the federal government.

 First, she stopped by the community gardens for a quick visit. There is not much left in the gardens at this point, but she got to climb around in the leek bed.

The newly sprouted garlic was a bit closer in scale for Anuenue.

She learned how to read the rain gauge - 0.53". 

Then she headed over to the farmers market in the center of town. The market will run through mid-November and then shut down for the season.

This vendor had a big trailer of different squash! Anuenue helped pick out a big squash to eat later.

After lunch, Anuenue took a stroll around Greenbelt Lake. The lake was dug out by hand in the center of town. Although it looks rural, the beltway runs adjacent to the lake and the sound of cars is always audible in the park.

A gravel trail winds around the lake, a little more than a mile long. There are lots of joggers, families, and people fishing along the lake edge.

There were a few trees in full color in the park around the lake.

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