Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plan B

Anuenue was supposed to fly back to DC on Monday, but her flight, and every other flight into the area was cancelled on Saturday night. Uh-oh!

On Sunday night, Anuenue checks out the current progress of Sandy...not looking good for airplanes!

Time for Plan B. Step 1: Fly to Denver! Anuenue checks out the snow-capped Rockies from the airport terminal. She also sent some postcards home from the airport mailbox.

Step 2. Fly to Atlanta and rent a car. It is a little windy in Atlanta but not bad otherwise! She drives through downtown Atlanta to stay on the outskirts of town overnight.

The hotel has a pancake machine for breakfast. Anuenue watches pancakes emerge and has breakfast before starting on Step 3: driving!

The next state is South Carolina, where she stops to get a map at the visitor center.
 The town of Gaffney, SC has a giant peach water tower! Sadly, all the peach farms are closed for the season.

Next state, North Carolina, where there is a giant traffic jam. Anuenue gets an unexpected tour of Salisbury, NC while taking a detour.

Finally (almost), Virginia. It becomes darker approaching the remnants of Sandy, and starts to rain. Anuenue gets a trip through Richmond with looming clouds.

Finally, home in Maryland! After all that travel, Anuenue will stick closer to home for the next few weeks.

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