Sunday, January 6, 2013

Greenbelt Lake in winter

Anuenue took a walk around Greenbelt lake to see how it had changed since the fall.
 This time the weather has been cold enough that there was a thin layer of ice over much of the lake.

This sign shows some of the animals that live around and in the lake. Today there were mostly just squirrels and some geese and ducks on the lake.

The cattails near the shore have gone to seed.

This mockingbird was very bold.

There are already signs of spring, with small bulbs emerging from the ground. These snowdrops and crocus flowers will start to bloom in February.

When Anuenue finished her walk, she made some Burmese curry with these king oyster mushrooms.


Now is the time to start the artichoke seeds indoors. They will be transplanted outside in April or May.

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