Sunday, January 20, 2013

National Gallery of Art

Anuenue went downtown to visit the National Gallery of Art!

The NGA is on the Mall, where things were starting to get a bit crazy with the setup for the inauguration. There were hundreds of port-a-johns lined up along the edge of the Mall.

There is a large rotunda with columns in the center of the West wing of the gallery.

The West wing is mostly traditional art, and there are lots and lots of artworks! Anuenue saw lots of paintings by Monet....

Pointillism by Seurat

Naive art by Henri Rousseau...

American painters like Martin Johnson Heade....

There were several versions of St. George and the Dragon, this one by Raphael.

There were other media, like this 3rd century Tunisian mosaic floor.

My favorite are the 15th century northern European paintings. This painting is by the Master of the Death of St. Nicholas of Munster.

The east wing of the gallery is modern art, and much smaller than the west wing. This colorful painting is by Frank Stella.

More squares, this time by Pete Mondrian...

This giant mobile by Calder is one of the best-known pieces in the east wing.

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  1. Great photos! I am going to NGA in a couple of weeks to see Michaelangelo's David-Apollo while it's still there. Looking forward to it! (I live only a 25 minute walk/15 min bike ride from the Mall--if you're ever downtown and want to meet up, let me know.)