Thursday, November 8, 2012

Anuenue tours the West Wing

On the day after the election, Anuenue got to take a tour of the West Wing of the White House!

First, she had dinner at the Old Ebbitt Grill, a restaurant that was founded in 1856 and is a Washington institution.

Then it was time for the tour! She had to walk around to the side entrance at the EEOB (Eisenhower Executive Office Building). The construction is already starting for Inauguration on Pennsylvania Ave.

Looking out at the North Lawn from the West Wing entrance....a cold and rainy night.

The seal of the President is over the door to the West Wing.

Photos aren't allowed in most of the West Wing, but Anuenue got to see the Oval Office, the Cabinet room, the Roosevelt room, the dining room, the door to the Situation room (closed, of course), and some of the office area. One place where pictures was allowed was the press briefing room:
The briefing room is actually not very large, just a few rows of chairs and a bank of cameras in the back.

Anuenue took a break in the chair belonging to the AFP.

No more news for tonight!

Anuenue also got to take a look inside the EEOB:

This big spiral stair leads up to the top of the EEOB.

Hmmm...better not try to investigate the closed offices!

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