Saturday, November 17, 2012

Alpacas and Baltimore

Today Anuenue went to the Maryland Alpaca Festival! There were all kinds of alpacas, including some baby alpacas (cria).  The parent alpaca kept a close eye on Anuenue.

This herd of alpacas stayed in a tight cluster.

One special part of Anuenue's visit was meeting several other craftsters and craftster-to-be!

After the festival, Anuenue headed over to downtown Baltimore. She took a short stroll through the Federal Hill neighborhood with classic rowhouses.

From the top of Federal Hill, there is an excellent view of the inner harbor with lots of boats.

There are even some cannons on the top of the hill, used during the Civil War to threaten the business district of Baltimore to ensure that the city and state would remain loyal to the Union. Riots that accompanied the Union seizure of Baltimore lead to the writing of what is now the state song, the lyrics of which encourage Maryland to secede and join the Confederacy. Really.
Next to Federal Hill is the American Visionary Art Museum, dedicated to self-taught, intuitive artists. No photos allowed inside, but there are a number of outdoor sculptures:

And this art van too...

At night the chandelier tree is extra sparkly!

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