Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crafting medieval style

This weekend Anuenue went to a craft workshop for re-enactors on a farm in southern Maryland.

Before she could start crafting, there was a lot of excitement because the harvester arrived to harvest the soybean field!

It only took a few minutes to harvest the whole field, then the harvester poured all the soybeans into a waiting truck.

Anuenue helped set up the dye pots - black walnuts collected from the neighbor's trees.

After finishing the walnut vat, she helped with the madder root vat too.

Some of the dyed yarn and fabrics - orange from madder and browns from the walnuts. Some folks were also going to use the walnuts to make ink and wood stain.

She also got to check out a metalworking forge. There were some important rules for working in the forge, helpfully posted to the wall.

Anuenue was too small to use most of the tools in the forge, but instead she learned how to do metal casting. These plaster molds were cast with melted brass bullet shells.

After a long day of crafting, Anuenue headed down to the neighbor's dock. There was a big party with a pumpkin shoot - the pumpkins are floated in the creek to use as targets.

As the sun set, the longship was readied for a short voyage and photo shoot by torchlight.

It is hard to see in the dark, but Anuenue rowed around in circles for a while while we experimented with the torches.

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