Friday, December 28, 2012

Holidays in DC

Anuenue spent the holiday week in DC, taking a break from travels.

First, she helped pick out a Christmas tree at the fire-station tree sale. It just barely fit in the car!

Mmmm, the tree is a fraser fir and smells great! Anuenue was smaller than most of the ornaments.

She was very helpful with wrapping presents, especially with tape application and tying on ribbons and string.

She learned how to make real egg nog with raw eggs and cognac!

On Christmas Eve, she helped make the traditional rum cake.

First she made a big pound cake from scratch.

Then she made the rum sauce - just rum, butter, and sugar!

Yum, the cake is drenched in tasty rum sauce and ready for breakfast on Christmas!

Just in time, some light snow starts up, although it didn't really stick to the ground.

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