Monday, December 17, 2012

Old Greenbelt

Anuenue went on a walk around the 'historic' area of Old Greenbelt. This year is Greenbelt's 75th anniversary.

Greenbelt was a planned city, built by the government during the New Deal. The original area of the city consists of two ring roads of residential homes around a central business/civic area. The central area is called the Roosevelt Center. One of the main attractions of the Roosevelt Center is the Greenbelt Arts center:

There are also a handful of small stores and restaurants.

Municipal buildings include the library - not open on Sunday though!

Anuenue has been to the community center before, on voting day.

The front of the community center includes cement sculptures showing civic virtues.

There are some other large sculptures scattered about the Roosevelt Center.

Near the Roosevelt Center is one of the original homes, restored with period furnishings, that acts as a museum. Many of the buildings were constructed in Art Deco style.

After the government decided to sell the homes, the residents purchased them and formed a large cooperative.

The city plan was based on walkability. The original homes have the back of the houses toward the street, with the front facing interior walking paths that run between rows of homes.

There are extensive pedestrian pathways and underpasses throughout the city.

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  1. I only know Greenbelt as where I go to catch the bus to BWI. Had no idea it was planned as a walkable community--so cool. I guess everything old is new again.