Friday, December 7, 2012

San Francisco

Next stop on the trip: San Francisco! After a plane ride from ABQ to San Jose, Anuenue takes the Caltrain to downtown SF! The train is pretty empty, and she gets her own seat.
Anuenue is staying in Union Square, where the holiday decorations are going up. This cherry picker is placing the star on top of the holiday tree. 
At night, the tree is all lit up!

The palm trees are decorated as well. They remind Anuenue of home, but it is a lot colder in SF!
The Macy's overlooking the square is decorated too.
The best window displays at Macy's are the kittens (and puppies) that are available for adoption! So cute!
 Anuenue stops by the Yerba Buena gardens to check out the fountains
There are also big ferns that remind her of Hawaii:

Overlooking the gardens is this historic church:
 In the evening, Anuenue heads to Chinatown to get dinner.
 Yum - xiao long bao and lion's head meatballs in clay pot at Bund Shanghai!
 On the way back to the hotel, Anuenue spots this big lighted holiday tree near Chinatown:
The next night, Anuenue went out for cocktails. First, she went to a dueling piano bar in an Irish pub:
 Then she headed back to Union Square to go to the Starlight Lounge (with the neon sign)

The lounge is on the top floor and has a special elevator button!
The fog blocks off some of the view of the city, but Anuenue can see the whole downtown area of SF from the lounge dance room.

Before leaving, Anuenue watches the trolleys turn around at the base of Powell Street.
There are handy tips on how to ride the trolley without getting into trouble.

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