Friday, December 7, 2012

On the Road Again

First stop on the trip: Albuquerque (again). Not much in the way of anything new, except this time there are holiday decorations up.

An uneventful daytime flight allows Anuenue to check out the stratus clouds below...

The hotel lobby with cow skull and fireplace. We spent a lot of time here, although sadly the fireplace had a glass door and put off little heat.

Anuenue spent an afternoon checking out Old Town, and this time the stores were open. This store has a nice selection of chilis.
The Old Town historic church, in better light.

Old Town is decked out for the holidays with this large tree.

The prevailing decoration is luminarias,  placed around the roofline of buildings. The modern luminarias are electric with plastic bags instead of the traditional candles and paper bags.

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